Periodic Table in Pictures

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I found this periodic table very useful. This is regular periodic table with picture with each element. Picture is closely related to the element. This gives an impression of the element so that it is easy to know the element. For example: Sun and stars have plenty of hydrogen gas, Lithium is used in battery, Sodium is in our kitchen salt and so on. This periodic table also tells you whether the element is solid, liquid or gas by symbol, which is so cool.

In my high school we had remember the name and symbol of at least 20 elements with atomic number. Memorizing things without any clue is senseless, i guess. But we did it. This new periodic table will improve learning chemistry for beginners.

Periodic table gives info about chemical elements. Like everyone has to start reading and writing with alphabets of the language, periodic table is the alphabet of chemistry.

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Med Chem said...

looks cool, I think it will be easy to memorize and learn about the elements.

Here are some more versions of periodic table.